Monday, February 14, 2011

Batinay Elementary School - Cagayan de Oro City

Brgy. Tagpangi, Cagayan de Oro City

By: Raul A. Dechosa-School Head

A.   School Profile

Batinay Elementary School is topographically and geographically located in the mountainous remote area of Barangay Tagpangi, 23 Kilometres Southwest from the point of origin at the City Hall, Cagayan de Oro City. It will take an individual teacher to purge a round trip fare of Php300 from Lumbia Central School where Southwest District Office resides through a motor ride called “Habal-habal”.

It has been established in the inclusive decade of early 1990’s through the efforts of community parents, local leaders and the City government. Today, the school has two (2) instructional buildings composed of three (3) classrooms each, manned by four (4) female teachers and one (1) school head/administrator. The school caters the educational needs of 130 pupils, with minority groups of Higaonons at present.

Batinay Elementary School is a complete elementary school with two (2) single classes, Grades I and II, and two (2) combination classes: Grades III -IV and Grades V -VI. The school has a land area of 7,933 square meters and classified as both timber land and agricultural land by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

B.   Enrolment                                                        

The school adopts the Dep-Ed’s Project REACH thru its component of Child Find, where pupils who were dropping from school will be visited and parents will be encouraged to send back their children to school. At present, the school has 35 pupils in the first grade, 25 pupils in the second grade, 24 pupils in the third grade, 17 pupils in the fourth grade, 18 pupils in the fifth grade, and 11 pupils in the sixth grade with total enrolment of 130 pupils for the school year 2010-2011. Male pupils are the most prevalent among the school clientele.

Generally, fluctuations of the enrolment for the past three (3) years varies figuratively due to the migration of family’s livelihood such as farming, small time firewood business, and mining as their quest for better income generation.  Small scale copper and gold industries are prevalent in the neighbouring geographic locations such as Barangay Dansolihon, Barangay Pig-sag-an, Sitio Iba and Sitio Balungkot. This might be the considerable factors of pupils declining enrolment.

C.   Curriculum Implementation and Instructional Delivery

As complete elementary school, Restructured Basic Education (RBEC) Curriculum is adopted and has been the basis for lesson preparations in all grade levels. Grade I and Grade II are categorized as monogrades or single classes while Grades III-IV and Grades V-VI are categorized as combination classes or two (2) classes combined together in one classroom setting due to limited number of pupils in each grade levels, as per Department’s Order of 25 to 30 pupils to qualify for a single class.
Daily Instructional Supervisory Plan has been formulated to guide the teachers and school administrator in the inspection, monitoring, submission and compliance of reports, internal and external organizational meetings, resourcing, classroom instruction observation, and school planning for improvements. The school head focused on the areas that need improvements and developments in school facilities and utilities which include water and lightning inadequacy.

D.   Staff Development and School Management

Most of the teachers are newly hired by the department, their teaching experienced range from one (1) to two (2) years only. All teachers were in Teacher I position.

In view hereof, Batinay Elementary School teachers are actively participating in various seminars, workshops, trainings, and the like, conducted by the City Schools Division and District Office and this school during the In-Service Trainings.

The school is managed by one (1) school head/administrator with a position of Head Teacher I. In addition, he underwent several forms of leadership seminars and trainings and a candidate of PhD program at Mindanao University of Science and Technology with Educational Planning and Management as major field of concentration, enough to equip him to effectively run the institution.

Homeroom Parent-Teachers Association (HRPTA) and General Parent-Teacher Association (GPTA) are formally organized annually to help in the formulation and implementation of school programs and projects. Community parents are actively participating in various school activities such as HRPTA and GPTA meetings and orientation, organization and induction of officers, awarding of honor pupils and special recognition to learner’s abilities, religious instruction, school feeding, school gardening, and school cleanliness drive.

E.   Active School Stakeholders

The following are list of school benefactors which supported the institution in the material and/or financial aspects:  

1.      Department of Agriculture
2.      Barangay Coucil of Tagpangi
a.       Committee on Environment
b.      Committee on Infrastructure
c.       Committee on Health and Nutrition
3.      Office of the Honorable Congressman in the 1st Legislative District of Cag. De Oro City
4.      Office of the City Council, Cagayan de Oro City
5.      Education First Foundation
6.      Carmelite Missionary Sisters, XU-Manressa
7.      Dep-Ed Cagayan de Oro City Division
8.      Dep-Ed – Medical and Dental Division
9.      GPTA and HRPTA Officers

F.    School Guiding Principles


Core Values

            School head is both instructional leader and school manager who maximize school and community resources in order to deliver best educational services. Teachers are classroom leaders and models to the pupils.

            Active inside and outside stakeholders are geared to a unified effort in materializing and implementing school programs and projects.

            Consistent and appropriate actions are harmonized to implement plans and measures for orderly and effective results. All stakeholders have distinct roles and responsibilities in the performance outcome of each learner. Therefore, all actions are well-planned characterized with equitable accountability and functions.


            Batinay Elementary school is envisioned to produce quality graduates through innovative instructions and highly committed school personnel.


            Batinay Elementary School is committed to providing basic quality education through a functional and upgraded curriculum, highly competent and innovative teachers and service-oriented administrator, and through a sustainable multi-lingual instructio







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